Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Random Ramblings

Well Hello friends! This post is going to be a jumble of thoughts. A way to get out the things that are spinning around in my head. A mind cleanse. Enjoy!

So, about a week ago we had to say goodbye to our 14 yr old beagle Daisy. In a way she was like our first child, so to wake up and find that she had peacefully passed in her sleep was beyond hard. We knew it was coming and she was ready but it still did not ease the empty feeling in our hearts. My husband and son were crushed and watching as my hubby buried her was horrible. Jayden goes out and puts flowers by her grave almost every day. Ugh so heartbreaking... but it's getting better. Ok Ok enough with the sad stuff!

On a less sad but annoying note.... Is this winter ever going to end?!!! I am over the snow and below freezing temps. This one day it's 60 and the next it's 6 is not ok! I would blame it on the Midwest but I am pretty sure the weather is wonky everywhere right now. The spring needs to get here ASAP because the stir crazies are settling in.

We decided to go grocery shopping at what we think is the coolest market in the middle of downtown KC this past weekend. It is a little out of our way as far as a grocery store goes, but I just love a reason to head downtown. The hubby was working so Jayden and I invited my mom, dad & sister to join us for lunch. I really think I was supposed to live in the hustle and bustle of the city. I just love it. I would love to walk to the store, coffee shop, park, or wherever else my heart desires, every stinking day. Yes even in the cold. I thrive on the city life. Maybe one day we can live in the center of the fun!

School.... That is probably the biggest issue on my mind right now. My son is currently in 3rd grade at our public school. He does great but I can tell there is something up. Not anything major, I mean he gets all A's or above average grade reports and he has tons of friends, but he isn't overly happy about school. Like when he gets home he just has an attitude for a bit and is tired and just plain cranky. He has many years left of this school thing and I don't want his childhood to consist of this. I never really thought there was any other options and this was something that I would just have to deal with and hope it gets better, but then I started seeing through blogs and IG mamas that homeschooling is becoming more a way of life now. I know it has always been done but it just seems like you see it so much more often lately. I've been praying and just planning and thinking on this daily and the idea is really growing on me. I miss him when he is at school and to think he will be 9 years old in a couple weeks just makes me want to spend every moment I can with him. The thought of teaching him through hands on learning and really going in depth on things that make him happy just sounds perfect to me. It is super scary at the same time. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!

Lastly I have been drooling over these Minnetonka Leopard Moccs!! They are so cute and I think I need them! I will definitely be adding these to my Mother's Day/Birthday wish list.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!! Lots of Love!! xoxoxo

Friday, February 7, 2014

snippets // snowed in

1. Coffee!! My morning must have!
2. Seriously almost a foot of snow!
3. My Stay Puft Marshmallow Man literally chillin' in the snow.
4. Brrrr.....
5. I work out! Still going strong!
6. Being snowed in means lots of board games, popcorn & crafting.
7. Snuggled in!
8 & 9. Kitchen cleaning was put off...Well all cleaning in general....
10. Cute little crafting buddy.
11. Confused as to why he couldn't eat the green bushes.
12, 13 & 14. What became of my pom poms! A Valentine's garland. <3

Happy Friday Friends!! xoxoxo

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Drinking my breakfast smoothie and a bottled water. I have already had 2 cups of coffee but I figure it is cancelled out now. :)
Feeling surprisingly energized after a not-so-great night of sleep. This cold weather that has reappeared has also brought with it runny noses and the yucks! I am so ready for spring!!
Appreciating my husband for working 2 jobs so I can stay home and take care of my family. Also appreciating the friendships that I have made through this blog world. ;)
Reading nothing at this moment. Well unless a cookbook counts. Any good books out there right now?
Watching White Collar re-runs until the new episode comes on Thursday. Love Love this show!
Going to volunteer in my sons class in an hour.
Starting to really put our future plans in action. No more, "we should do that" or "I'd love if we could do this".... Life is too short to just wish for things. We have to start doing those things. Dreams stay dreams unless you make them a reality. :)
Dreaming of life changes. Hopefully baby #2 and lots of adventures.
Waiting patiently.....
Sleeping horribly! I'm not sure what the deal is but I never sleep well when my hubby is working. So that means every 3rd night I'm up off and on all night. :p Which means every 4th morning I'm a caffeine junkie!
Wearing Miss Me jeans, Pink Floyd Tee with a blue sweater over it and slippers. I will be putting my Uggs on shortly because it is so stinking cold outside!
Loving my little family and how good they are to me. Also loving my early Valentine's present... Red Hunter Boots! My boys spoil me!!
Enjoying the moments I have with my hubby while our son is in school.
Thank you Katie for this idea! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!! Lots of Love!! xoxoxo

Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Weekend

This weekend we had a heat wave! It was a toasty 56 degrees on Sunday, so we got out and enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine. Some of our friends met us at the park and we played some baseball and kickball, which I checked off as my exercise for the day. I'm really looking forward to our next beautiful day!!
Ps... We woke up this morning to single digit temps! :p But the sun is shining, so.... glass half full!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Lot's of Love!! xoxoxo

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cleaning Product Obsession

I just wanted to do a quick non-sponsored post about my current cleaning product obsession. Have you guys tried Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products? If not, you are missing out!! I have slight OCD when it comes to my house smelling clean. As a pet owner and lover I am a user of many household smelly good products. The light, crisp and refreshing scent of Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena cleaners have me in a spring cleaning mode that, even in this cold gloomy weather, puts a smile on my face! :) One of the really great things about Mrs. Meyer's line is that all of their products are CRUELTY-FREE!! That is a major plus in my book as you would imagine with our little Love Zoo we have going on here. Another great thing is that at least 98% of the ingredients are naturally derived. Any products that are tough on dirt, yet gentle on your home and the earth are my gig. So..... what I am trying to say is.... Go out and get you some awesome pick-me-up cleaners to get you into Spring mode a little early!! Oh, and they also have candles that match the scent of the cleaners!!! Now are you convinced?!! :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!! Lots of Love & Happy cleaning!! xoxoxo

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Work Out

So with a new year always comes the urge to restart and be healthy. My hubby and I have been doing crossfit for a while now, but during the holiday months I kind of fall off the wagon. Then January rolls around and the Victoria's Secret swimsuit preview comes out and it kicks my butt in gear. We eat a mainly Paleo diet in our house with the exception of some things. I don't cut out everything sweet or all carbs because I feel the more I put off limits, the more it feels like a diet and not just a way of life. I want us to be overall healthy but we can splurge every now and then.
I thought I would share my Mon-Fri workout routine. It changes from week to week, but this will give you an idea. I do not have a ton of time to workout, so crossfit was perfect! I do 1 song workouts to 30 minute workouts, but nothing more. That is unless I am having a bad day and a good cardio either outside or on the treadmill is just the fix. I hope this helps motivate you or just give you some new and fun workout ideas. :) Here we go.....

Monday -
30 jumping jacks
10 squats
50 Russian twists
20 crunches
10 side lunges
5 jump squats
15 seconds superman
30 jumping jacks

Tuesday -
40 high knees
15 vertical leg crunches
10 incline push ups
20 jumping jacks
10 jack knife sit ups
5 burpees
30 mountain climbers
40 jumping jacks
30 Russian twists

Wednesday - Rest Day

Thursday -
30 jumping jacks
50 bicycles
10 push ups
5 sit ups
10 standing calf raises
10 squats
15 crunches
30 jumping jacks

Friday -
20 jumping jacks
20 butt kickers
10 tricep dips
15 vertical leg crunches
5 jump squats
30 Russian twists
10 jack knife sit ups
10 lunges
30 jumping jacks

On the weekends we do family burpees and try and do 100 a weekend. We also are just active, so I do not really have a set workout schedule for Saturday and Sunday.
Have a Wonderful week love's!!! xoxoxo

I plan on posting what our week of meals look like in the next couple days. ;)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Back!!!!

Hey everyone!! So I have been MIA for a while with the holidays and my son being on Christmas break. I decided to take a little time off from the computer.... and then when I went to get back on I had complete bloggers block!! :p
So, with that said, I will fill you in on what's been going on lately....

We had snow and loved every minute of it!! That was until the Arctic blast came through and we were stuck in the house looking out at the winter wonderland. That was torture but we made the best of it. Board games are our thing. Family game nights with popcorn and m&m's are our happy place. There is nothing better than good old fashioned family time. No computers, No ipads, No cell phones, just talking and laughing. The BEST!!

I have been sneaking in lots of baby snuggles with my new nephew. He is so sweet and has already stolen my heart! Having a baby around brings up talk about adding to our family. If you have read my blog before, you may know that we have been having some infertility issues for a couple years now. This subject becomes really hard when my son tells me he wants to have a brother or sister and doesn't understand why it isn't happening. We are right now in the process of taking some more steps towards making our family of 3 a family of 4. Lots of prayers would be appreciated. :)

New Years resolutions are in full swing at the Love Shack. This fresh start always is so invigorating and pushes us to healthier eating and more meaningful family time. I love the chance at starting anew and making plans for the year. I'm a list maker and love to dream of the things to come.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!! I've got some fun things in mind for my blog so I hope you keep coming back. :)
Lots of Love!! xoxoxo