Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A quick DIY - My "cloffice"

I wanted to do a little DIY post on the makings of my "cloffice". I got this idea from one of the bloggers I follow. We live in a smaller home that we call our "Love Shack" and my husband has his office that he works from but I didn't really have my own space. I didn't want to clutter his office with another desk and all the stuff that goes along with it, so when I saw this idea I knew it was perfect for me! We have 2 closets in our entry and really we could condense our junk and put one of them to good use. Our house has a very open floor plan so it was a perfect location for a cloffice but it does mean that I have to keep it cute and clean. ;) I love that! This is going to be a very basic DIY, but if you have any questions about anything you see just send me a comment. :)

I started by just cleaning out the closet really good. Then the hubby measured so we could get our Home Depot trip on... There, I bought the wood for the desk and the peg board for the wall, some paint and spray paint.

I painted the walls and the desk top all the same. I did leave the top shelf the natural wood color because I like how it looked with our floor. I still have a little trim painting to do, but we are repainting all of the trim in our house so I'm waiting til then. :)

Next it was just really decorating....
*I picked the lamp up at Home Depot
*The calendar I printed from The Vanilla Tulip Blog I follow
*The little basket that is hanging is from Southern Living
*5.1.7 jars are from Michaels (our anniversary is May 17)
*I got the fake flowers from Walmart and put them in an old olive oil glass jar with some water to make them appear real
*The magazine basket on the floor is from Thirty-one.
*I had 2 old stools from Walmart and spray painted it a cool light aqua color that goes good with the rest of our decor.

That's it in a nutshell! Like I said before, if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them!!
Happy Hump Day friends!! xoxoxo


  1. Love this! We have a weird sunroom/storage room that Ive turned into my office, but I think this might work even better for me. Such a fun idea!

    1. Thanks love!! It has turned out to be such a great use of space and I get compliments from everyone who walks in my house. :)