Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Trip to the Zoo

At the beginning of the summer we made a Summer To Do list. We slowly but surely checked each item off and last but not least was a trip to the zoo. We are animal lovers in this house and so it was an obvious choice for our list. We decided that since it was just going to be Jayden and myself we would invite my sister and her girls. They live about 45 minutes from us so we don't get to see them as often as I'd like. Anytime we get to see them is a treat. :)
Jayden has been to the zoo many times before but the girls were so young last year they didn't remember a whole lot so it was a new and exciting adventure for them. Our favorite part is always the monkeys. They have such funny personalities and usually are the most active at our zoo. One of the babies came up to the glass and started making faces at all the people around. It was super cute. Then the mommy and daddy monkeys started holding hands. The kids thought that was so sweet.
We ended the day with a Sea Lion show. It was such a fun day and another to add to the memory book.
Thanks so much for reading my very first blog. I promise the more comfortable I get with this the better my blogging will be. :) Until next time! xoxoxo

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