Friday, September 13, 2013

Five RaNdOm Fact Friday

So here goes week 2 of getting to know me a little better... :)
1. I LOVE Fall! My absolute favorite season. The cooler weather, the colors, the fun family activities... It's the BEST!
2. I have a bad habit of peeling my nail polish off. Drives me crazy but I can't help it.
3. I'm a little OCD when it comes to budgeting for our family. I have a budget made out for 6 months at a time and every other Friday (payday) I sit at my little desk and go to town paying bills. I like it because that way I don't have to look at a bill for the next 2 weeks!
4. When cooking, I almost always need a recipe. I am the worst at trying to come with creative meals right off the top of my head. I wish I was better at it but hey that's what they make cookbooks for.
5. Ok so this one I'm a little embarrassed about.... I have a slight addiction to watching the Real Housewives.... I don't know why. It's like watching a train wreck and I can't stop. Maybe this is my first step in recovering!
I would love for you to share a little about yourself with me the next time you stop by. Happy Friday Friends!! xoxoxo

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