Thursday, October 10, 2013


To say that I have been blessed with more than I deserve is an understatement. I feel like I won the family lottery!! No, things aren't perfect. We have low times just like everyone else, but knowing that our good times outweigh the bad, is enough to make me so thankful.
Yesterday my hubby came home from working his 24 hour shift and surpirsed me with a new Chimenea fire pit for our back yard. Our old fire pit had seen its last fire the end of last fall. I'd kinda been hinting around about it and he went after work and picked one up. He is so good to me! :)
So, last night after Jayden's friend went home, we decided to sit around the fire and just talk. We talked about how we are so glad to be living a simpler life and how we were so excited for what the future has in store for us. We reminisced on how 8 years have flown by and how we want to cherish every moment so we don't look back with regrets. My son quizzed us on space and the planets, and then we had to talk about Batman, of course. Our conversation is never complete without talk about Batman.
After everyone went to bed I had a moment to myself to just thank God for all he has given me. I wouldn't change one thing. Even the hard times I've gone through have brought me to where I am at now. I hope that when my son is older and looks back on his childhood, he has nothing but good memories and can remember just how much he is loved.

Lots of Love friends!! xoxoxo

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