Monday, October 21, 2013

Our Weekend

This was one of those weekends that was so chill and relaxing with lots of family time squeezed in. My parents came over Saturday night for a BBQ and Jayden had a friend spend the night, so the "Love Shack" was full! :) We grilled steaks, watched some football and then ended with s'mores by the fire. We also got the telescope out and got some really cool pics of the awesome full moon!

Sunday my hubby had to work, so Jayden and I were flying solo. He played a little Batman and I cleaned A LOT! And changed things around.... again. :) That evening we grabbed some dinner and went out to the lake for a picnic, well what was supposed to be a picnic, but Jayden ended up eating his food in the car! Oh well, we had a great time running around, climbing trees, finding frogs, throwing rocks and playing in the fall leaves. It was a great end to a great weekend.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!! Lots of Love!! xoxoxo

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