Thursday, October 3, 2013

This and That

It's Thursday and I've had a lot going on this week. Yay for October, which is my favorite month!! My mind has been working overtime.... So I thought I'd get on here and share. :)

*I'm just going to put up random pictures I've taken lately, so they may not necessarily go with my words*

First things first....
My hubby and I had a date night on Tuesday!! We went out to eat with a couple that he works with. Adult time is so nice and much needed. We started the evening out going to a place for drinks. It was a throwback to a speakeasy and was in the basement of a pub. The atmosphere was awesome and when you do your secret knock to get in and they take you down the dark hallway and stairs, you are in a bar that is only lit by tiny candles on the tables. No lights allowed! After your eyes adjust to the darkness, it is very enjoyable. All the drinks they make are old timey drinks back from the prohibition days. I was a little nervous because I'm not a big drinker, usually just wine, but I took one for the team and was pleasantly surprised. I went with a rum based drink and it was good. It was called "John Lennon is Dead" .... and had lemongrass, strawberry, orange and a couple other things I'd never heard of. We sat and visited for over an hour before heading out to dinner. So, if you are in Kansas City and like the prohibition type scene, I highly recommend Manifesto @ The Rieger Hotel. You can call to make a reservation or send them a text. (which they prefer) After drinks and great conversation, we walked over to Lidia's. This italian restaurant is my favorite!! We only go a couple times a year because it is pretty pricey, but you get so much yummy food it is worth it. I always leave in a carb coma and enjoy every minute! :) Since it was a Tuesday, we called it an early night and headed home. I felt refreshed after our date night. I think the craziness of everyday makes you forget to stop and enjoy each other. We definitely need to stick to our plan and have a date night at least once every 2 weeks.

Some other things on my mind are: Changes.... With the season changing I feel a need to make some changes in my life. Not huge ones just minor adjustments. For example: I go back and forth on my hair color. Until last year, I never colored my hair. Now that I've done it I can't stop! I always do the same dark color and love it, but I've been thinking I need something different. I just don't know what... Any suggestions? :) Also, I've been thinking about doing a juice cleanse. We have not been eating the best and have made it a family pact that we are going to start, but I think I need to rid my body of the toxins first. I don't even really know where to start with this. I'm doing research so I will get back with you on what I decide. :)

Well I guess I better go for now. I hope you've enjoyed my ramblings. Thanks for stopping by my friends!! Lots of Love!! xoxoxo

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