Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Crazy Week

Hey Friends!! This week has been a moody one in the Love Shack. I'm not sure if the planets are not in line or what, but it is very odd for us to have 2+ days of blahs!! Jayden has woke up on the wrong side of the bed everyday this week, so our mornings have been trying. It makes it even more difficult that I keep one of our friends kiddos (9yrs old) in the mornings, so Jayden has had someone to fight with until I drop them off at school. To top of the blah week, we were in a car accident on tuesday evening. Someone rear ended us at a stop light, but luckily we were all okay. The unlucky part.... The guy took off!!! Yep at hit and run. Seriously who does that?!! And.... I was in such a state of WTH that I only got the first 3 of his license plate before he was out of sight. We filed a police report and they say they will try and do what they can with the info we gave them, but I'm not expecting much. There wasn't much damage, even tho it felt like the whole back of my car should've been smashed, and we are all fine, so the outcome was positive.
So today I am changing the tune of the week! The sun is shining and I WILL make the blahs go away!! We have parent/teacher conference this evening and then we are off to watch the first Ghostbusters movie in the theatre. No school tomorrow and we are all home so we are getting out of the house and getting a much needed breath of fresh air. :) No more negetive nancy's in our house!!
I hope I haven't been a downer on here today, but I needed to get that out! I thought maybe if I shared with everyone it would cleanse the blah and bring in the happy!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Lots of Love and Happy Thursday!! xoxoxo
My silly nieces stayed with us overnight and did help cheer us up!
Even this fun hair didn't get a big smile
This is my happy! Love!

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