Friday, November 15, 2013

Five RaNdOm Fact Friday

1. I don't like to eat fast food very often, but I do get a little excited when the McDonald's McRib gets added to the menu. Minus the pickles of course. :)
2. I work at a local boutique 1 day a week. I love being able to get dressed up cute for a reason.
3. I am a little scatter-brained. Not to the point of being unorganized, just little things like remembering where I put things or what I was about to do. I blame it on having a million things to do all at one time.
4. I love coloring! Yep like in a coloring book. I buy my son those giant coloring books and could sit there and color forever. It is a source of relaxation for me. :)
5. I would like to open my own business one day.....

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Lots of Love! xoxoxo


  1. my oldest and i spent a few hours coloring together on sunday afternoon! i find it highly therapeutic. :) love learning more about you! much love friend!!!