Friday, November 8, 2013

Five RaNdOm Fact back!

Ok So I've decided to start back up sharing random facts about myself again. I know, I know, you are so excited! hehe :) I have included some random pictures too. They really have nothing to do with my facts, I just thought I'd share. Lots of Love!! xoxoxo
Here we go....
1. I Love receiving mail!! I online shop just so I can have a package come to my house! I mean it's always something I need....
2. I would absolutely love to visit another country, but I am terrified of being on a plane that long. I used to love to fly, but just the past couple years I have such anxiety when in the air. :(
3. I love random acts of kindness. Every year we save a $100 bill and around Christmas time while we are at a restaurant, we will leave it for a tip. We try and make sure it is someone with a family and hope that it will help out during the holidays. :)
4. I grind my teeth in my sleep. Yuck!
5. I am a sucker for frosting in a jar! I will buy it just to eat it with a spoon. It is so yummy!! Especially Funfetti!! :p

I hope you've enjoyed!! Have a Fabulous Friday Friends!!


  1. Oh funfetti in a jar... Yum! And the getting mail thing, amazing! Mail is so much fun. I'm waiting for some kid skis to come and I'm dying over here! I need them now!! Haha. Love all the pictures too ;)