Friday, November 1, 2013


Last night after all the festivities were over and my house was a quiet mess, I just sat there and thought how these moments are going so fast and will be over before I know it. My son is 8. How much longer will he want to do all these fun things with us. I know, I know, he is ONLY 8, but that 8 years has gone by so incredibly fast that I can't help but think if I blink I might miss something. I try not to dwell on it too much and just enjoy every day as it comes and maybe if I just cherish every minute, time will slow down a bit. Wishful thinking...maybe, but hey if it helps...
I'm pretty sure I'm feeling like this lately because we want SO bad to have another child. Jayden tells us almost everyday that he wants a brother or a sister and it breaks my heart that it just isn't that easy. Of course, he doesn't understand that and I hate that it is the one thing I have no control over and can't give him.... yet. Maybe someday soon if all goes right, but I don't get my hopes up anymore. It's just too hard.
So cherish each moment, live for the now and just be content in knowing all will be okay.
Have a Fantastic Friday Friends!! Lots of Love! xoxoxo


  1. I'm so sorry it's been hard for you both the have another baby. That can be really tough to deal with. I hope you guys had a great Halloween and your little ones give you lots of love :)

    1. Thanks so much love! I have days where I convince myself I'm content with just 1 and days where I realize I'm not. It's in Gods hands and I know what is meant to be will be.
      I hope you had a great weekend my friend!! xoxoxo