Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pineapple Kale Smoothie

I wanted to share with you my favorite smoothie recipe. The really nice thing about this recipe is that all of the ingredients can be found at Walmart or your local grocery store. I am all for health food stores, but we live about half an hour from the nearest one so it isn't as convenient for me.
The ingredients are:
3 Ounces Vanilla non-fat Greek Yogurt (Calcium and Protein) - This last trip I decided to try the Great Value brand Non-fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt. Honestly I can't tell a difference, except maybe the name brand is a little thicker.
1 Tablespoon Almond butter (Protein) - The only brand I found at Walmart is Jiff. I really like it and it tastes a lot like the other brands I've bought.
1/2 cup frozen Blueberries (Bone healthy Vitamin K and antioxidants) - I buy the Great Value frozen blueberries and love them.
1/2 frozen Pineapple (helps ease digestion and banish bloat!) - Since I can't find GV in the frozen pineapple, I buy the Dole brand.
1 cup Kale - This I buy fresh. If you can't eat it all before it will go bad, puree it and then freeze it into ice cubes. That way you can just throw them in the blender when you are ready.
3/4 cup Water (hydration)

Just throw all of the ingredients in a blender and you've got yourself a healthy breakfast or snack! :)

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